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Jana M.

I appreciate a lot the way Sandra teaches; she finds ways to make practice work for you regardless of your body limitations. The atmosphere always feels very inclusive in her classes. Thank you Sandra, you are awesome.

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Helen Broadway

I have recently had an in-person 1-1 session in her garden studio. This was one of the most tender and nurturing 1.5 hours I have spent with myself and another person in a very long time.
I felt extremely held by Sandra's guidance and energy. Her ability to listen so deeply to my needs whilst intuitively bringing what I needed to the space felt so safe and healing for me.

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Sandra Chitty

I had a 1-1 with Sandra today, Sandra very thoughtfully took lots of time to really get to know my history and posture and helped with some useful movements to help release and realign my body
She is a wonderful grounded and humble yoga teacher, I felt very at ease and relaxed in her presence , Thank you Sandra for all your knowledge and care, I really felt treated

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