About             Sandra



Sandra is a Berlin-born, Brighton-based mum, yoga teacher, and yoga therapist in training.

She trained with Yoga Campus London in 2015 to become a yoga teacher. 

In 2017 she moved to Brighton, where she since then taught amongst the most renowned yoga studios in the city. 

Following her training with Yoga Campus, she studied with Judith Hanson Laseter in Restorative Yoga and Dough Keller in Yoga Therapy, as well as with Naomi Absalom who became her mentor and main teacher for many years. In 2021 she started her Yoga Therapy Diploma with Yoga Campus London.

Sandra teaches mindful yoga, focusing on bringing awareness inwards and into the present moment. Her classes are unique, creative, thoughtful, and deeply insightful.

She teaches public group classes, private 1-1 sessions, corporate classes, and 1-1 Yoga therapy.

"...This was one of the most tender and nurturing 1.5 hours I have spent with myself and another person in a very long time.
I felt extremely held by Sandras guidance and energy. Her ability to listen so deeply to my needs whilst intuitively bringing what I needed to the space felt so safe and healing for me.
I can't rate her enough here, 100 stars wouldn't even do it!
Thank you so much Sandra X..."

-Helen B.