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Sandra is a dedicated yoga teacher and therapist based in bustling Brighton, offering a variety of yoga styles tailored to meet individual needs. Her deep satisfaction comes from working closely with individuals on a one-on-one basis, guiding them through their mental and physical wellness journeys. Sandra's passion lies in using yoga as a tool to empower individuals, finding joy in witnessing their substantial growth and fulfilment as they achieve personal milestones.

Originally from Berlin and now a devoted mother residing in Brighton, Sandra initiated her yoga teaching journey with Yoga Campus London in 2015. Since relocating to Brighton in 2017, she has imparted her expertise in diverse yoga styles at some of the city's most reputable yoga studios.

Sandra's commitment to continual learning led her to delve into Restorative Yoga with Judith Hanson Laseter, explore Yoga Therapy under Dough Keller's guidance, and seek mentorship from Naomi Absalom, who played a pivotal role in shaping her teaching methods. In 2021, she embarked on her Yoga Therapy Diploma with Yoga Campus London, enhancing her comprehensive understanding of yoga's therapeutic aspects.

Drawing from her extensive training in yoga therapy, Sandra perceives the human being as a holistic entity encompassing body, spirit, breath, and mind. Her teaching approach honours each individual's unique history and experiences, creating a nurturing and secure environment. Sandra prioritizes establishing a safe space where her clients can authentically express themselves and cultivate genuine self-awareness.


Sandra's versatile teaching style encompasses Vinyasa Flow, Restorative yoga, and Therapeutic yoga classes. She crafts her sessions around mindful yoga principles, emphasizing inward reflection and present-moment awareness. Her classes are an amalgamation of uniqueness, creativity, thoughtfulness, and profound insights, intended to inspire and guide individuals on their paths to wellness.

In addition to her teaching, Sandra passionately facilitates yoga retreats worldwide. Creating these special events where diverse groups of individuals come together is another avenue where she finds fulfilment. Through these retreats, Sandra fosters an environment where people from various walks of life connect, rejuvenate, and delve deeper into their yoga practice in serene and immersive settings.

Whether conducting public group classes, private 1-1 sessions, corporate classes, personalized yoga therapy, or organizing yoga retreats, Sandra remains dedicated to supporting her clients in their transformative yoga journey toward holistic well-being. She sees herself not just as a teacher but as a supportive guide, offering unwavering support on each individual's journey to well-being.


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