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"I thoroughly enjoy your classes and your teaching style, mentally I find it incredibly nourishing and has really helped to calm my mind and connect with my body so much more. Particularly the ability to really focus in on a muscle or area of my body, I carry this process through to the gym which really helps me when exercising particular muscle groups." 



Sandra teaches a fluid and creative yoga style, where body breath  and mind melt into one unit. 

Sandra will gently and gracefully challenge her students while making sure everyone leaves the class relaxed, renewed and internally peaceful. Her classes reflect her love for dance and music and her background in gymnastics. Her playful sequences are inspired by qigong, dance, pilates, yoga and by movement which simply feel good. 

For her, teaching yoga means calmly guiding everyone's energy so that a clarity will form within oneself.  She is aware and sensitive to the fact that everybody who enters her classroom will  come with a different energy, history and background. Her main aim is to connect and guide all energies, release tensions which we may be holding onto without knowing it ourselves, so that after her class everybody has a sense of inner space along with a calm and peaceful mind.


Sandra completed her yoga teacher training  with YogaCampus in London 2017.

Further she trained with Judith Hanson Lasater in Restorative Yoga and  with Doug Keller in Yoga Therapy. Currently she is mentored by her teacher Naomi Absalom, who helps her enormously to unleash and free her teaching voice and style.

"I can highly recommend Sandra to anyone looking for a yoga class. She's a fantastic teacher with a gentle and encouraging manner and great knowledge and expertise. Classes are varied from one week to the next and tailored perfectly to suit all levels and abilities."


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