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"...This was one of the most tender and nurturing 1.5 hours I have spent with myself and another person in a very long time.
I felt extremely held by Sandras guidance and energy. Her ability to listen so deeply to my needs whilst intuitively bringing what I needed to the space felt so safe and healing for me.
I can't rate her enough here, 100 stars wouldn't even do it!
Thank you so much Sandra X..."

-Helen B


As a yoga therapist, I work with the whole human being, the body, the mind & the spirit.

I support my clients' well-being by using yogic tools and methods, such as breathwork, movement, relaxation, mudras, mantras and meditation. 

Together we will design a yoga practice that will benefit the clients' emotional, energetic, & physical state and promotes healing. A therapy session is made up of three parts, interview, assessment and practice.

Sessions can focus on

  • any muscular-skeleton issues,

  • heart- or respiratory diseases,

  • anxiety,

  • burn-out,

  • depression or

  • simply finding some time to calm down and to relax.

Sessions can be face-to-face or online over zoom. 

The first session is 90 min, and follow-up sessions are 60 min long. 



Personalised & unique sessions to suit your individual requirements & availability. Home visits or private sessions in a local studio can be arranged.  


Who will benefit from it?


  • Beginners, who wish for a bit more support and attention

  • Experienced Students wishing to deepen their practice

  • For those who want to establish a home practice

  • Those with injury or illness

  • anybody who wishes to make time and space in their lives to cultivate a deeply nourishing practice for body and mind



Please contact me with any questions and for booking and pricing

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