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Retreat 2.0 will help you to find and grow your space within. It offers guided meditation, a variety of 14 different asana classes, weekly encouraging emails, and inspiration to journal, as well as a place to ask questions, reflect, and learn.

"Thank you so much for the beautiful gift that was Retreat 2.0. 

I found that the thoughtfully designed elements worked alone as a mini-class, and together as a whole, exploring movement, meditation, chanting and reflection, and I felt that these all built on and influenced each other. 

It was good to have the flexibility of being able to choose a time that suited to follow a video or practice the step-by-step meditation or to repeat a step, and now the retreat is closed, being able to revisit and refresh is a bonus and part of the gift...." 

-Emma B.

Heart opening
Heart open

Retreat 2.0  is an opportunity to deepen the understanding of your own body and practice. It is a space to ask questions, to learn, and to develop. 

Retreat 2.0 will run for a month live, or the recordings can be purchased afterward.

The concept of Retreat 2.0 is to stay with one topic for a whole month, to really learn and understand, and to take your yoga off the mat into our daily life.  

We will investigate the topic through the diversity and richness which yoga is offering us. Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Svadhyaya,...

We will move, and breathe, and reflect, and learn together. 

With 2 different options to purchase, Retreat 2.0 can be molded into your life, bringing you space and peace.

Retreat Class Bundle 

Available from the 1st February


  • 2 x 75 min  Flow classes HD videos  

  • 1 x Breath Workshop HD Video

  • 4 x HD Video tutorial classes 

  • 5 x learn how to Meditate audio recordings 

  • 1x Yoga Nidra HD Video

  • access to Spottify Playlists

  • Email check-in once a week with encouragement and inspiration for your journal practice (for a period of 4 weeks)

  • Life long access to all recordings 

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